Transform your Old Pen Drive into a Recovery Disk

Hello, Today I’m going to teach you how to make use of that old pen drive you were about to throw away. Guess what? you can do a lot using that ol’ thingy. One day, that might even save your computer from being un-bootable! (That happened with me.) We are going to install a little operating system called Porteus, which is very easy to install in PCs and can save your computer in case some weird crap happens. First, something about Recovery Disks. A recovery disc is any of various media containing a backup of the original factory condition or...

Howdy, folks?

Hey there. I’m Syed Nasim, a 14 year old aspiring hacker and Web-developer, who likes to build software stuff. Apart from that I write Stories, Poems, and Raps. I started out this blog for absolutely no reason, except for the reason that I could brag to my friends that I have a personal blog. I had many projects that I could call my own, but slowly, I began realizing the fact that a majority of the population won’t move out to use something that they don’t understand; And that’s how My Hobby Operating System, “Nasix” died.