My story with Madrid

I’d like to start with a brief Explanation of why am I writing this post. Real Madrid had a very poor pre-season, losing all of the 3 pre-season games. Now that’s very disappointing from Madrid’s level, but on the other hand, you can’t deny that These are just friendlies. Friendlies are meant to experiment new/youth players and try out new tactics. By no means does it determine the upcoming season’s probable performance. One big proof is that Ronaldo was not called up, and was enjoying his vacations. We were playing well, however, we were lacking that one reliable player who’d definitely turn chances into goals. Yup, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Meanwhile, All the Madristas (or so-called Madristas) instantly attained more footballing knowledge than the Club management and announced that Benzema and Bale should be sold.

I mean, Really?

Let me tell you my story.

2010 was a life-changing year for me by many means. I was 8 years old at that time. No-more-a-toddler Guy. I started gaining knowledge in Computer science and watched the semis and finals of the World Cup. I saw Casillas and Iniesta for the first time. (More on that later) I didn’t really start watching Football seriously till the Euro ’12.

Then, occurred a milestone. I had started searching and gathering information about Casillas, I almost forgot about Iniesta. I also watched football skills, and most importantly, saves. Mostly, in the TV. I was unaware of Ronaldo and Messi at that time. I watched most part of the Euro 2012, and started understanding the difference between International football and Club-level Football. I used to stare at people on the streets wearing shirts of football clubs.


Cut to 2013. Champions league semi-final , Real Madrid vs. Borussia Dortmund. I was just skipping through the channels, when this match showed up before my eyes. 85th minute, I remember clearly. Just two minutes before I tuned in to that channel, some guy known as Benzema had scored a goal, and they were showing continuous replays of that. The score was 1-0 at that time, and I knew RM needed 3 more goals to keep their hopes alive to go through to the finals on aggregate goals. Within 3 more minutes, the one and only Sergio Ramos scored another Goal.

My God! those cheers at the stadium!  I was aware that there were many thousand people in that stadium that night, and as the commentator spoke, I also came to know that it was the home stadium of the club which just scored. Not exaggerating, I could literally feel the excitement. Adrenalin was flowing all over my body. I knew that the club wearing that gorgeous all-white shirts needed one goal to equalize, or more precisely, to achieve something. I was not aware about what they were actually going to win. Although, I knew, It was about to be something great. For the first time ever, I was able to mentally connect with millions of people around the Globe. It had been less that 15 minutes of me watching Real Madrid, but by that time, I had started to fall in love with this team. I prayed with all my heart, but.. 

The referee blew the whistle. It was 3-4 on aggregate. Real Madrid, my crush, had lost by one goal, and as I later realized, were disqualified in the semi finals.

There were mixed emotions the the pitch, abut only one emotion the the Bernabeu. Most of the people on the stands were utterly sad, and on the pitch, well..

I recognized 2 guys in the pitch, both hugging each other, one of them was crying. One was wearing the captain’s armband, the words “Iker Casillas” were written behind his back. I recognized him immediately. It was the World Cup and Euro winning Guy. The best goalkeeper of this generation. The another was Sergio Ramos. I remembered his face, I saw him with Iker holding the Euro Cup.

I was in complete disappointment. I didn’t understand why, as I had only been tuned in to that channel for half an hour. They say there’s an exact moment when you fall in love with something/someone. In that case, it had to be this moment. I was shattered.

Next morning, I read up everything I could have about football competitions, and got to know what I know today. We had been struggling to win a Champions’ league after the 2002 season. And that year, we failed again. 11 years without a Champions league. 

Most “Madristas”  these days started watching football in 2016, when we won La Undecima. When we regained our Throne as the best in Europe. My case, however, was totally different. I started falling for this club when we were at the Worst possible level.

Next year, however, We won the Champions league, and Ramos scored the equalizer. Afterwards, as of 2017, we have won 3 Champions’s leagues in 4 years. Unbelievable.

I’ve been with this team in bad times, I’m here with team in good Times. Whatever happens next, I’ll always continue to shout:

Hala Madrid, y Nada Mas.

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