The heavenly place

I live in Khardah, with my family. Khardah is quiet a huge place, but fortunately, we live in a place that just fits mine and my dad’s needs; ie: We have a huge lake with a flourishing ecosystem, only a few hundred meters away. Many popular species, mainly of birds, have been spotted here. the most eye-catching example is obviously the Moorhen, which we (Me and my dad) saw there, a year ago.


Here are some of the best pics we took, and ALL of them are at least a year old.










Now the question arises: Why one year ago?

partially because we did not get enough time to go there after that, and partially because the whole ecosystem of that place is slowly dissolving. A huge factory is being made in the place we took the 3rd picture, God knows for what purpose. I think it’s some kinda cement-making factory.

Also, huge banners on one side of construction sides are to be seen that says “XYZ apartment, pre-book now.”

I mean, what is this? This place is surely not a national park or wildlife reserve, but do you realize the fact that we saw Purple Moorhen at this place? It’s just crazy!

Researching a bit from various different books and visiting the library quiet a few times, we found out that it’s a migratory bird, From Russia.

Although this place is not as famous as it ought to be, we have seen some other amateur photographers roaming at this place, capturing countless shots, some searching for yet another shot of those Moorhens.

That was the story of the past. It’s all changed now. No Moorhens arre there, All there is left are some vultures and some Egrets. All Morhens are gone now.

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